Ronaldo blames referees for his lack of La Liga goals

Cristiano Ronaldo says the five-game suspension (four La Liga matches) he was given at the end of the season is behind his slow start to the campaign and says that things are going to change.

The Real Madrid striker has scored just once in La Liga this season but says he is not worried by his lack of form.

"Things are going to change, I am not worried," 
he said in an interview published by L'Equipe on Friday.

“I don't agree with what people are saying about me,” 
Ronaldo told an interview with L’Equipe. 
“People don't know the difference between playing well, playing OK and not scoring goals.
"I'm looked at as a goal machine, like a guy who has to score all the time. If that isn't the case, nobody cares if I've played well or not, I'm only judged on scoring.
"I accept the criticism, but I don't agree with it. That's why I avoid reading or hearing what is said about me. But I have no choice but to accept it; I can't control the world."

Asked about the ban for his red card in the Super Cup against Barcelona, he said: "I was really, really motivated to start the season.

"But when some people deprive you of going on the pitch, of expression... The way in which it happened disappointed me. What happened was a huge mistake by the referee."



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